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A Clairvoyant Reading occurs when a person sits in a chair across from you, goes into a light trance and tells you about your energy. This person is called a clairvoyant, meaning one who can see clearly. 

It is communication to you as a spiritual being about where you are on your unique path in life.

Seeing on a clairvoyant level is the ability to see energy in the form of colors and mental image pictures. 

By looking at your aura, the energy field around your body, I can see what is happening with you on an energy level. This in turn reflects what is happening in your physical environment.  In a reading, I can also look at past lives and receive messages from loved ones.  I work with guides to help clear and heal any core pictures that block you from your path. 

A reading can also be a healing. I use my spirit guides to work on any blocked energy centers which immediately begins to heal the body, soul, heart and mind. In a reading, we have a spirit to spirit connection where will acknowledge you as a spiritual being, and validate your innate ability to heal yourself.

It sets the stage for you to be able to grow, make choices that validate you, and thrive in your daily life.

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