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Discover the Light Inside

My greatest joy is empowering clients

to understand their energy bodies and

discover the gentle power of the healing arts while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to heal.

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A natural way to heal

A Natural Way to Heal

Welcome to Laura's Intuitive Wellness, where you'll find a holistic approach to health and wellness that combines traditional healing and modern techniques. As a healer with a passion for helping and supporting others, I understand the importance of balance and harmony in our daily lives. From energy healing to intuitive readings, my services are designed to nurture and restore your mind, body and spirit. 

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Intuitive Healer & Wellness Coach

Client Feedback...

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I have had sessions with healers occasionally over the past 25 years. I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a session with Laura, an incredibly gifted energy healer and clairvoyant. I had been feeling stuck and uninspired for a while, and scheduled a QHHT & clairvoyant reading session. If you are looking for a transformative experience, Laura truly has a unique ability to help you heal on a deep level and move forward in your life with greater clarity and purpose.


Sea Cliff, NY


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If you have questions about any of my offerings, or are interested in scheduling a session, please contact me:

International Kundalini Yoga Teacers Association
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American Association of Natural Wellness Practictioners
RYT200 Yoga Alliance
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